Are Your Chakras Balanced?

Are Your Chakras Balanced?

Take My Complimentary Chakra Test!

 Having a hard time trusting others with your heart?

Have you been feeling bored with life?

Finding it difficult to connect fully during sex?

Deep down do you question whether you are enough?

Have you been low on energy and consistently tired?

Constantly worried about your physical, emotional, mental safety?


If you answered yes, to any of these questions it’s possible that one or more of your chakras may be unbalanced.   


What is a Chakra, and why are they important?


 When visualizing a chakra, I like to imagine a swirling wheel of energy hovering directly over my body. Our bodies contain seven chakras in which energy flows through naturally. Blocked, unbalanced, or misaligned chakras can cause illness, emotional pain, and can contribute to the obstacles blocking you from what you truly desire.  


For many years now, I have researched and learned about the seven chakras:

·      Root Chakra (Safety, Grounding)

·      Sacral Chakra (Sexuality, Passion, Intimacy)

·      Solar Plexus (Confidence, Self-Esteem)

·      Heart Chakra (Love, Compassion, Forgiveness)

·      Throat Chakra (Communication, Self Expression)

·      Third Eye Chakra (Intuition, Clarity, Psychic Gifts)

·      Crown Chakra (Divine Knowledge, Connection to higher power)


In order to test for the balance or unbalance of these chakras, I would utilize a pendulum and allow my clients to test themselves, viewing if the pendulum would spin in a clockwise or counter clockwise formation. After attending Graduate School and understanding the process and significance of surveys, I decided to create The Chakra Test.


It is my mission to be bring statistical significance to the subject of Chakras.




Nicole Lunan

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